You Could Save 30%-40% on Your Lexington Kitchen Remodel by Refacing Your Current Cabinets

Transform Your Kitchen in 2-4 Days (not months)
Up to 50% Cheaper than Full Remodel
Less Demolition & Mess
Give Your Solid Cabinets a New Life

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Environmental Conscious Option

With the state of the world we need to be more aware than ever about our environmental impact, and what it means for future generations. When you purchase new cabinet parts instead of reusing old ones, you are just leading to the massive landfill and carbon emission difficulty that we have going on. Do your future, yourself and your planet a favor and consider the impact of your remodel. Every little bit counts.

Save Time and Get a New Kitchen Faster

You’re adding weeks if not months onto the entire time it requires to remodel your kitchen, when you get totally new cupboards and components. From initially picking out your favorites, to the arrangement and shipping procedure, to the delivery and installation, this could make the difference between a job that gets done immediately, and one that drags on and on.

Reuse and Reduce

Why utterly waste great materials that have been standing the test of time for a long time? Chances are, the older materials that are now in your kitchen are of higher quality than a number of the newer and more affordable choices at Home Depot. By reusing these components that are still excellent, but simply need a little facelift, you’re doing wonderful things for your house, your checkbook and your surroundings.

Basically What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the procedure for taking existing cabinetry frames, structures and parts, and refinishing the outside appearance with a brand new wood finish, paint, handles and hardware, so everything appears brand new. It’s a great way to get the brand new kitchen appearance without the new kitchen price tag. While it can be done yourself, we highly recommend leaving it to a professional who does it day-in and day out, and can save you a lot of cash.

How Much exactly does refacing cost?

Cupboard refinishing costs a fraction of the cost of purchasing new components and frames. Usually, you can expect to pay around 60% – 70% less compared to the cost of buying new components, which can reduce the total cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodel by 30% – 40%, depending on which options you select. This may mean saving $1,000’s in the long run. The genuine expense of your endeavor will depend on the size as well as depth of your endeavor, but you can estimate the cost at anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 complete.

Can I reface formica cabinets?

Yes! We can handle all of the new facing material for components and formica cabinets.

Can you come out to my Lexington house?

Absolutely we can! Our skilled and highly trained Lexington technicians work out of entirely outfitted vehicles, so everything can be done at your residence or office. This implies you don't have to carry all of the gear, pick up anything else, or supplies. We'll come out to you!

Who does cabinet refacing?

Lucky for you, we do! We are proud to provide our refinishing services to all of Lexington and other cities throughout Kentucky. Desire an exact quotation from one of our local installers? Only give us a call today!

Are you located right in the Lexington area?

Yes! We've got installers located right in Lexington, that are able to service the surrounding areas around Kentucky as well. We're proud to call Lexington our residence and work place, and will go the extra mile to make our neighbors happy!

Should I take on a refinishing project DIY (do-it-yourself)?

Yes, like the majority of things in life, you can possibly do yourself to the refinishing job, but it's best left up to professionals. Certainly you could try and figure out everything yourself there, and eventually get it to quit, in case you had a plumbing leak in the middle of the night. But wouldn't it be cheaper, easier and quicker in the long run to simply call a professional? Our professionals do this day-in and day-out, and can have your job done quickly, instead of having it drawn out for months and weeks in case you need to work out everything new.

How long do refinished cabinets last?

If they're done well, refinished cabinets last as long or longer than new cupboards. Their lifespan all comes down to professionalism and the ability of the business doing the work. In order to anticipate you refinished cabinets to last decades and decades, appearing amazing the whole time.

Where should you buy refacing supplies?

Cabinet refacing supplies can be purchased at hardware shops or most home. The exact supplies you'll need will vary significantly depending on which style of job you need to do, and a few may be harder to locate in specialty stores or online outlets.

Can Thermofoil cabinets be refaced?

Yes! We can and have worked with thermofoil cabinets previously, and will be able to make them look fantastic and new again.

Quit letting price get in the way of a brand new kitchen for your family as well as you. Our Lexington refinishing specialists can help you.

Is it true that your kitchen need a less practical look than a laminate that did the job but does not feel natural or soothing?

Would you catch the D.I.Y. bug to renovate your kitchen, only to find out half way through that you’re in over your head?

Do you need to switch your kitchen to make it work for you, but don’t desire to or can not manage to purchase all new cupboards?

We can help you reface your kitchen cabinets and brighten your space that is aging to enhance your living space and enable you to feel like the kitchen reveals the character you would like it to, so you do not have to settle for less in your Lexington house.

Avoid the myth that customizing automatically means spending that is important.

One of the things which prevents them is the idea that it is going to cost too much, for lots of people wondering the way to remodel. Refacing your kitchen does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Remodeling your home is beneficial.

Nearly 40% of survey participants stated they needed to upgrade worn out materials, finishes and surfaces.

A professional cabinet refacing can cost you between $1k and $3k for laminate, a bit more for real wood veneers, and over $7,000 with high quality wood veneers. If you were to compare the cost to replacing all the cupboards, the lowest price up upwards of $20,000. end is definitely going to be close to $4,000 and can

Making yourself happy doesn’t have to be that expensive considering that refacing is a great means to improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

Bringing up your kitchen to present standards can add value to the resale value of your Lexington home.

Architects and realtors alike agree. If you are going to decide which renovations ever and you’re going to do plan on reselling your home, then it’s a safe bet to concentrate on the kitchen. Potential buyers get turned off when kitchens aren’t up to present standards.

Staying up on present kitchen styles are able to make your home more popular while you update it for yourself to make it feel like home. Obviously, it is a terrific motivator also to raise your Lexington the value of house. Realtors and remodelers say that a kitchen job will recoup around 70% of the remodeling cost back to the value of the dwelling based on industry averages that are national.

Naturally, additionally they stress that you simply shouldn’t pick on a layout that is completely incongruous with the rest of the house’s architectural style so that it doesn’t detract.

So, what’s there to lose? You really gain, both emotionally and in case you ever plan to sell your Kentucky residence.

Most of us enjoy to see the task finished right the first time and that is why our Kentucky team certainly brings integrity and our top quality expertise to your setup, so call us and we’ll reply your questions about your kitchen remodel.

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